RFDesign Capture

The team is very happy to announce a sponsorship partnership with RFDesign Pty Ltd.

RFDesign will supply their RFD900 radio modems to the team. The radio modems will be used used to communicate between the ground control station and the autopilot and control the UAV. The radio modem needs to communicate reliably over long distances, so it is important that a high quality product is used. The RFD900 radio modem was used successfully by the CanberraUAV team, who won the 2012 challenge, and the team is confident this unit will fit our needs.

RFDesign Pty Ltd is an Australia-based designer and manufacturer of highly integrated electronics solutions, including long range radio modems, antennas and RFID solutions. You can find more about RFDesign here.

RFD900 - Radio Modem
RFD900 – Radio Modem