The team is very happy to have received a ‘go’ decision from the competition organisers, after submitting the Deliverable 2 Technical Report and Video.

The Technical Report provides a detailed overview of the system design, risk management approach, flight test results, and search strategy. The Video shows the Pre-flight check procedures, take-off and landing and bottle drop.

A total of 116 teams from 26 different countries registered for the challenge in July 2013. From this, 88 teams submitted Deliverable 1 reports in September 2013, and 76 teams were given ‘go’ decisions. A total of 34 teams submitted Deliverable 2 reports from 12 different countries in May 2014. 28 teams were given a ‘Go’, with teams from Australia (15), USA (3), Canada (2), Colombia, Switzerland, India, France, Iran, Poland, Netherlands and Singapore. The 2014 UAV Challenge is shaping up the be the biggest yet.

The next deliverable, D3, requires 5 hours of autonomous flight to be logged. This will be a lot of work and require us to make a serious commitment to seeing this through. It is anticipated that a lot of teams won’t make it through this deliverable.

You can see our video below, and our Technical Report here, H2Joe – Deliverable 2 – Technical Report & Video.