Jon Roberts, one of the key organisers for the Outback Challenge, has given a lecture ‘Robots to the Rescue’ on the history of the challenge which is quite interesting.

In 2007, the UAV Challenge Outback Rescue was created by a coalition of organisations in Queensland that would award $50,000 to the first team to develop a cost-effective robot aircraft that could find and save a lost bushwalker in the Australian Outback.

In this lecture, Jonathan Roberts will share with you his insights into the history of this event, which he co-founded. He will show you how it has inspired teachers, students and enthusiasts and had teams from all over the world descend on Queensland every September. Finally, he will show you what was not expected when the challenge was set – that it would be amateur teams of passionate people and not university students or professional researchers that would ultimately succeed and complete the UAV Challenge in 2014.

The lecture was given last year, but only recently published online.