West Coast UAV is very happy to receive a ‘Go’ decision for our Deliverable 2 technical report, allowing us to progress to the next stage of the competition.

The team initially received an ‘Improve and Resubmit’ decision. This was because our approach to loss of GPS was to rely on dead-reckoning navigation to return the aircraft back to base, which was not deemed to be reliable enough. This approach was modified to loiter in it’s current location for 20s and then initiate flight termination if GPS has not been recovered.

A total of 23 submitted a Deliverable 2. 10 teams were given a ‘Go’, and 13 teams were given an ‘Improve and Resubmit’ and 2 teams were given a ‘No-Go’ decision. The remaining 12 teams will surely be finding out very soon if they will also be going to the challenge in Dalby in September.

It hasn’t all been beer and skittles for the team to make it this far. Have a look at the blooper reel below for some of the trials and tribulations the team has endured: