The 2018 Challenge rules are out and West Coast UAV is eagerly exploring strategies to successfully achieve the mission outlined:

Outback Joe is at his property in remote Queensland, Australia and has been feeling unwell. He has had a remote consultation with his doctor using video conferencing, and his doctor has requested some blood tests be done as soon as possible. Joe is well prepared, has a home sample taking kit, and has taken his blood sample. The challenge is now to get the blood sample to the lab. Joe’s property is very remote and to make matters worse, it has been cut off by floodwaters.

Teams are invited to attempt to retrieve a blood sample from the remote Outback Joe and return it to base where medical staff will be waiting to analyse it. Teams are encouraged to develop systems that can carry out the mission in a fully autonomous manner using Type 2 Autonomy.

The two key challenges to the competition are:

  1. Building an UAV that can fly far enough (60km) and fast enough (~90km/h) that is able to land vertically in an unprepared, rough area.
  2. Developing the required software to enable the entire transit, locating of Joe, selecting landing location, landing, taking-off and returning home to be executed entirely by computer without any human input (other then Joe putting his blood sample onboard!)

We are starting the early planning and development work to decide on our approach to the competition and will be sharing our progress.

We welcome input, questions and are actively seeking sponsors for the 2018 challenge, please feel free to contact us

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