WestCoastUAV is a Perth-based team developing and operating a UAV for the 2018 UAV Challenge.


West Coast UAV

2016 Outback Challenge

​The UAV Outback Challenge medical express mission was set in 2014 to send a drone out to a stranded farmer, retrieve a blood sample for urgent analysis and return back to base. 80 international teams initially registered for the competition... Continue Reading →

The Big Event

After one and a half years of hard work for the team, the Medical Express Challenge has finally started. It was great to see all the teams that have returned and plenty of new faces around. The event was kicked off... Continue Reading →

Laser Landings with LightWare Lidar

The addition of a lidar range-finder has improved out landings by allowing accurate ground detection and triggering of the flare very close to the ground in a controlled manner.

5 weeks to go!

The team received a 'Go' decision from the competition organisers for our final Deliverable 3 report, and is going to to compete in the Medical Express challenge at Dalby, Queensland during the last week of September. As per the trend... Continue Reading →

Finding Joe

Our imaging system is responsible for finding Joe’s location to within 10 metre accuracy. This must be done quickly and with potentially limited bandwidth. We know Joe is within 100m of his reported location, and he will be wearing his... Continue Reading →

West Coast UAV receives ‘GO’ for D2

West Coast UAV is very happy to receive a 'Go' decision for our Deliverable 2 technical report, allowing us to progress to the next stage of the competition. The team initially received an 'Improve and Resubmit' decision. This was because... Continue Reading →

Retrieval Aircraft Development

The team has tested many different configurations for our retrieval aircraft. We have already developed a system to reverse the thrust of the aircraft so we can land with a very steep glide-slope, however the remaining challenge was to find... Continue Reading →

High-Torque Retractable Landing Gear

Our retrieval aircraft has quite large landing gear to give enough clearance for the prop and allow it to take off from sandy or grassy terrain. The retrieval aircraft will be landing at a very steep angle, and so the... Continue Reading →

Deliverable 2 Complete

West Coast UAV is pleased to have completed the Deliverable 2 Technical Report and submitted this to the competition organisers. This report details the UAV systems that will be used to complete the mission and our risk management approach. The... Continue Reading →

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