WestCoastUAV is a Perth-based team developing and operating a UAV for the 2018 UAV Challenge.

Retrieval Aircraft Development

The team has tested many different configurations for our retrieval aircraft. We have already developed a system to reverse the thrust of the aircraft so we can land with a very steep glide-slope, however the remaining challenge was to find... Continue Reading →

High-Torque Retractable Landing Gear

Our retrieval aircraft has quite large landing gear to give enough clearance for the prop and allow it to take off from sandy or grassy terrain. The retrieval aircraft will be landing at a very steep angle, and so the... Continue Reading →

Deliverable 2 Complete

West Coast UAV is pleased to have completed the Deliverable 2 Technical Report and submitted this to the competition organisers. This report details the UAV systems that will be used to complete the mission and our risk management approach. The... Continue Reading →

Don’t throw it away – the future of spaceflight

Team member Ben had wrote an interesting article on the new reusable rockets which will reduce the cost of space flight by up to 75%. Read more on his blog here.

Retrieval Aircraft Testing

The team has successfully tested two different platforms for the retrieval aircraft. The Gladiator and the Skywalker. The retrieval aircraft must be capable of travelling a long distance at high speed and with potentially high winds to reach the target... Continue Reading →

ScientificAerospace Sponsorship Partnership

West Coast UAV is very happy to announce sponsorship partnership from ScientificAerospace. Established in 2006, ScientificAerospace is a Perth-based company specialising in design, development and production of commercial VTOL UAV solutions for inspection and surveying activities. ScientificAerospace provide complete end-to-end... Continue Reading →

WestCoastUAV receives ‘GO’ for D1!

The team is very happy to receive a go for their Deliverable 1 (D1) report from the competition organisers. The D1 outlines the system design and safety approach of how the team will complete the mission. You can read our... Continue Reading →

Major Milestone : Comms Network Controls Multiple UAVs

The team achieved one of our major milestones during testing on the weekend, controlling multiple UAVs through a multi-point comms network. One of the main challenges for our mission will be establishing reliable communications between our ground station and the... Continue Reading →

Meet the 2016 Team

Ben Dellar Ben has been operating a variety of fixed wing and rotary wing autonomous aircraft for several years now and has previously designed and built his own autonomous flight controller. He studied Investment Finance at UWA and has extensive... Continue Reading →

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